Civil Construction

Civil Construction

Heartland Industrial Services is a full service, highly experienced industrial construction company that is capable of meeting all of your civil construction needs.

drain constructionAs a team, we have completed dozens of projects, both small and large including commercial applications, industrial, residential, municipal, and agricultural.

The extensive experience of Heartland Industrial Services goes well beyond commercial companies. We are also fully equipped to handle projects of a large scale including road construction and complete building construction from the ground up. No matter what the project is, the end product is one that can always be held to the industry’s highest standards.

Phases of Civil Construction

Phase One

A massive construction project starts out relatively small, with some ideas jotted down on paper. This is the pre-construction or planning phase for your new project. While the idea may be yours, you will want to have Heartland Industrial Services by your side during this critical point in the project.

In order to best achieve your goal with minimal delay and expenditure, you need our team of engineering experts to assist in the planning of your project. Heartland Industrial Services is a complete project management team that is by your side from the beginning. Our engineers provide solutions that are fully functional and serve the needs of your chosen industry.

Throughout the planning phase of construction, each aspect will be carefully considered. Engineers will search for possible flaws in the plan that could cause construction delays. Our goal is to complete your project within budget and time constraints. Eliminating those pitfalls during the planning stage will eliminate delays during construction.

Phase Two

Once the construction plans have passed all scrutiny, the ground can be broken and your project can start to take form. Carefully planned coordination of teams will be set up to ensure the least amount of congestion on site. This allows for flawless execution of your project.

In the meantime, the special parts and piping you need for your project are being meticulously fabricated. Once complete, the quality of craftsmanship will be unmatched. This is an important part of your construction project as it guarantees that the pieces will be sized to your exact specifications.

There is no need for you to worry when you allow Heartland Industrial Services to take over complete project management of your construction site. We have worked dozens of projects from the ground up in the past, always meeting our clients goals for time and budget. This is done by calculating every move of the project beforehand to guarantee a flawless execution where no time is wasted on fixing errors.

Phase Three

Upon completion of your project, our team is still heavily involved in its operation. We take pride in our completed work and strive for your hundred percent satisfaction. Our crew and engineers are available to you as needed to help with any system problems or to make any repairs. If we see areas that could use improvement, we will work with you to execute those changes while causing minimal distraction to your operations.

Post civil construction also means helping to maintain your new construction. We plan trips to your site to ensure that everything is running at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

When it comes to civil construction, no one executes better than Heartland Industrial Services. We look forward to being a part of your project from the very beginning and helping you to bring it to fruition.

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