Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving

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Heartland Industrial Services is a premier concrete paving company.

Heartland Industrial Services is staffed with a group of talented and hardworking individuals whose expertise in heavy construction is unsurpassed in the industry. Our dedication to staying within deadlines and adhering to budget demands has set up a foundation for continued success.

Concrete Paving Services

The concrete paving services provided by Heartland Industrial Services are expansive and cover projects in all industries.

As with all of our industrial construction solutions, we offer total project management services with our concrete construction work. This means you get to take advantage of our expertise from the starting phases of your project, when the plans are just beginning to take shape.

With total project management services you have the advantage of us surveying the job site first, and assessing any risks to your planned project. In doing so, potential pitfalls can be avoided, saving you both time and money on your project.

Concrete Pavement Maintenance

Although a heavy duty building material, concrete pavement maintenance is a crucial part of extending its lifespan. If not sealed on a regular basis, small cracks and holes will quickly turn into a major repair job.

When cracks in concrete paving are left unattended, water seeps in and begins to affect the substrate. If not addressed and repaired quickly, the only way to remedy the problem will be to completely remove the affected area and replace it with new concrete.

Heartland Industrial Services has been called upon to help with what is known as a sink hole. This occurs when cracks in the concrete pavement are left unattended for so long that the earth underneath completely erodes, collapsing the concrete pavement above.

Don’t let this type of situation mar your concrete projects. With our maintenance service, cracks and holes will be repaired expeditiously to ensure that no structural damage occurs.

Industry Integrity

Heartland Industrial Services makes a commitment with every project we take on. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in the industry to provide you with the best possible, completed concrete construction project. Our pride in design, execution, and craftsmanship will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

Don’t leave your concrete paving projects in the hands of amateurs. You want a construction that is well built to stand the test of time. With our above board planning skills, quality workmanship, and dedication to proper maintenance, the concrete structure we construct for you is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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