Construction Services

Construction Services

Heartland Industrial Services is a full service industrial and commercial construction company.

construction servicesWe start at the very beginning in the planning stages of your project and carry our commitment to quality way past the completion point with a stellar maintenance and repair service.

The Design Phase

Looking at the preliminary plans of what you want your industrial construction project to be is intimidating. We take that intimidation factor out of the equation by offering our expertise throughout each phase of your construction project.

Every project comes complete with its own set of needs and goals and the process to completion will be different for each project, but there are similarities that are evident in every job we have worked on.

  • Identifying needs before the planning stage even begins means that the goal of the project needs to be clear. In addition, budgets and time constraints will need to be taken into consideration. Once a total risk assessment has been completed then it is time to develop an innovative solution that meets your needs while keeping in line with your budget.
  • Honesty and integrity in engineering means putting your needs above all else. Once the design is complete we study it intensely and look for ways to reduce both the construction time and operating cost of the project. Our goal is to have your new industrial construction up and running as quickly as possible.
  • We work side by side with the architects and engineers to ensure that your construction vision is a feasible one. Site logistics and system installation plans are studied at length to try and foresee any future conflicts. We also help intervene with all local, state, and federal agencies to ensure that are no code violations.
  • Plans for the materials you may need have been made long before the planning phase even began. We anticipate needs and make sure that we always have a sufficient supply of those hard to obtain materials that could be critical to your construction project. We also buy these items in bulk to keep the cost to you at a minimum. For those projects that require fabrications, such as piping, we have our teams already in place and set up to begin producing the specific parts necessary for your vision.
  • As the projects exact requirements are being ironed out, we are already at basic CAD and BIM work to fit the plan to the specific needs of your project. Yours may require only basic CAD or it may be more complicated and call for a full BIM process. We make the adjustments early to fit your specifications.

By collaborating on your construction plans together, we minimize the time of the construction phase. The design will provide realistic estimates for cost and time, while ensuring that the construction will be structurally sound and meet your requirements.

The Construction Phase

Heartland Industrial Services’s capabilities include every phase of industrial construction. While our specialty is in turnkey field construction, our staff is fully equipped and knowledgeable to manage a wide range of projects:

  • Our project managers have handled process equipment installations for every industry imaginable. We not only install vital equipment, but also the surrounding support systems. It makes no difference what type of application your equipment is responsible for, our experienced team will have it installed for you as quickly as possible.
  • Our process and utility piping expertise starts with the design and fabrication of the necessary materials. We custom build your components to ensure that the final product is able to meet your exact specifications.
  • We can also take on a full sized construction project, starting from the ground up. With a team of qualified workers for every construction need, your vision quickly becomes a reality.

Our team is skilled at planning and coordinating construction projects in order for your current operations to experience a minimal amount of disruption. The quicker we complete your construction, the quicker you can resume normal operations.

Our experienced staff has the skills it takes to plan and execute just about any project. Each step is carefully analyzed and then scheduled to coordinate with other trades. Years of experience in managing multiple projects has given us an edge in execution, assuring that the standard of work we perform is the highest in the industry.

Post Construction

Our services don’t stop once that last piece has been fitted. We have a commitment to ensuring that your newly built or re-fabricated structure is consistently providing you with an optimal performance. Members of our maintenance and repair staff are always available to see to it that the design we crafted together is able to stand the test of time.

Heartland Industrial Services is fully equipped to take on any industrial construction project you can think of. We have in place a team of top notch engineers and contractors ready to take on the unique challenges of your vision and assist you in seeing that to completion.

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