Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Heartland Industrial Services is more than an industrial construction company.

We also provide full maintenance and repair services for all of your industrial equipment.

Important industrial equipment has a tendency to break down at the most inopportune times. We recognize this and have qualified technicians on hand at all hours to provide you with the equipment repair service you need quickly.

A team can be assembled and sent to your facility if the repair needed is a major one. With a large pool of industrial equipment experts, Heartland Industrial Services will have your business back on track in no time.

Maintaining your industrial equipment properly helps to ensure that such break downs are infrequent. We work with your company to schedule maintenance services when it will cause the least amount of inconvenience to your operations. If that means a visit after hours, we are completely prepared to meet that need.

Keeping You in Business

Keeping your equipment maintained is the best way for you to stay in business. Frequent breakages will cause production delays that can set you back hours or even days. Avoid this by having Heartland Industrial Services do regular scheduled checks of all of your mechanical systems.

Staying With a Company You Already Know and Trust

If we had the privilege of helping you design and construct your business, it should be us who is maintaining it for you. No one knows the system better than us, and we will use that knowledge to ensure that everything is running at its full potential.

The added benefit of utilizing our maintenance services after construction is complete, is our ongoing commitment to your production needs. As our contractors and engineers continue to play a part in the life of the machinery they will continue to look for ways in which they can improve on it to assist your business even more.

Machine Maintenance and Safety

Besides keeping your business booming, properly maintaining it’s machinery is the first step in protecting your employees. Machines that are not operating as they were designed to could pose a safety threat to your employees. When we inspect your equipment we look for and repair any parts that could potentially cause its operators bodily harm.

Heartland Industrial Services is a full service industrial construction company with a solid commitment to machinery maintenance. Whether we were involved in its construction or not, you can count on our team to keep your machinery fully operational, efficient, and safe for your employees.