Mechanical Engineering


Heartland Industrial Services is fully equipped to take on any mechanical project, no matter how big or small.

No two large projects are ever the same, but all will require heavy duty mechanical systems. Heartland Industrial Services is prepared to set up brand new equipment or make repairs on existing elements.

Heartland Industrial Services is up to date on all of the latest advances in mechanical technology to make sure that every service we perform is done safely, quickly, and with the latest technology. Our commitment is to provide total customer satisfaction.

St. Louis Mechanical Engineers

Heartland Industrial Services is fully equipped to take on any mechanical project, no matter how big or small. We understand that our clients are under time constraints and use fast track scheduling along with strict construction standards to see to it that your project is complete in as little time as possible. Cooperation between project team members is the secret to our mechanical construction success. With expert engineers and contractors on our staff, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Industrial Piping: We have the capability to fabricate and install industrial piping to fit the needs of any application. Whether it be for a complex HVAC system, or part of machinery designed specifically for your business, Heartland Industrial Services’s industrial piping workmanship is of the highest quality in the industry.
  • Stainless Steel Welding: We have a full range of stainless steel welding services including design, fabrication, welding, assembly and testing. Our team of experts takes every necessary measure to ensure that your structure is built to your specifications to be structurally sound with no defects.
  • Carbon Steel Welding: All of the welders at Heartland Industrial Services have extensive experience and full knowledge of industry standards as well as current code requirements. We work safely and efficiently, helping to keep costs within budget. Custom modifications are our specialty and you can see our capabilities in the quality of the people we employ.
  • Shut Down Work: This type of project can entail hundreds of pages of plans detailing the work that needs to be performed, from production upgrades to environmental concerns. Our staff is fully equipped to take on a project of this magnitude with experienced on-site managers to oversee the day to day operations and ensure that it is completed on time.
  • Quality Assurance Planning: Heartland Industrial Services takes pride in our craftsmanship. We work with you from the beginning phases of your project to help ensure that the end result is what you want. Each step in the production process is carefully planned and monitored. The end result is a completed concept that exceeds your expectations.

The staff at Heartland Industrial Services is prepared for both new construction and retrofit work. We can handle the smallest preventative maintenance project to full sized construction projects. As a company we are proud to be able to provide a full range of industrial level mechanical services.

Whether in operation during the project or completely shut down for construction, Heartland Industrial Services plans and executes with precision to guarantee the least amount of disruption to your ongoing business.

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