Project Planning

Project Planning

We set ourselves apart from the competition by taking complete responsibility for your project from the pre-planning phase to well beyond post-construction.

St Louis EngineersThe planning involved in an industrial-sized construction project is massive and complex. From the very moment an idea is conceived we can help you see it to fruition. The sheer size of your project may seem intimidating, however with our expertise in planning your fears will quickly vanish.

Each industrial construction project we set out on is unique and has it’s own set of challenges. As an integral part of the project planning process we strive to foresee all challenges and eliminate them before they cause delays.

What is Your Goal?

Before we can start setting a construction plan into motion we need to be able to identify your goal. What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Whatever it is, we will see that this vision is met, but first we need to have a clear conception of what it is.

As soon as your goal is determined then the construction planning phase can truly begin.

Putting Your Idea to Work

With your goal set, we can begin to brainstorm ideas on how to best meet it. While you have your goal, ours is to see that yours is brought to light with a creative solution. We will look at your budget for the project, time constraints you may have, and any possible interference with your current operations. Our planning phase is complete, covering every single aspect of the project before it even begins.

There is more to a construction project than putting plans to a piece of paper. Heartland Industrial Services has engineering experts who can work along with you and your architect/engineer to ensure that the end result is something that meets your needs. Site logistics need to be taken into account along with the plans for system installations to make sure that there are no hidden conflicts. We also have to make sure that all local and federal building codes are met.

As soon as the construction project plans become clear, we look at it closely to ascertain risk and find ways to improve on it. We work hard to keep you within your budget and respect that you have a timeline that must be followed. If there are ways to cut costs and save time, without sacrificing quality, Heartland Industrial Services will find it and incorporate those ideas into your project.

Planning the Construction Phase

The goal of the construction planning is to develop a plan to ensure that each step is completed on time and with precision. Any possible delays cost valuable time and money.

When Heartland Industrial Services reviews construction plans, you can rest assured that they have been critically analyzed. Once put into action, our well crafted plan will bring your vision to light with speed and efficiency. Our estimators will be constantly updating your proposed costs and working with you to keep the project inside of your budget.

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