Structural Concrete

Structural Concrete

structural concrete services

Heartland Industrial Services provides comprehensive concrete services.

We excel at meeting and even exceeding the challenges presented by the use of concrete in industrial construction applications.

Whether it is a heavy duty foundation, or concrete flooring, we can deliver the structural concrete needs of your building that provide it’s very backbone. We have a complete understanding of your expectations from day one of construction and strive to be sure to meet them on time and within your budget.

Our Concrete Services

The concrete services provided by Heartland Industrial Services are unsurpassed by any other industrial construction company. With our team of industrial engineers, no project is too big. We have been an integral part of concrete structure design in the following areas:

  • Large and small building foundations
  • Machine foundations
  • Ramps
  • Pits
  • Trenches
  • Storage containment for liquid products
  • Troughs for fluid collection
  • Clarifier floors
  • Grade beams
  • Demolition services
  • Concrete slabs for commercial and residential applications
  • Retaining walls
  • Flat Saw
  • Loading Docks

Heartland Industrial Services goes above the average industrial construction company. We are a full service group that is able to provide you with the benefit of our project management skills. From the moment your idea is conceived, we can be at your side, working hard to ensure that it becomes a reality.

Our Role in Your Construction Project

Heartland Industrial Services is compromised of teams of professionals with expertise in all areas of industrial construction. We can help you find solutions from the very start of your project conception. Our skilled engineers will walk your job site, surveying it in order to ascertain if your idea is a feasible one.

Once the design is in place our team will go over each step and plan a comprehensive strategy that will have your project completed in the allocated time and within your budget restraints. With projects of a large magnitude it is important to plan every detail in order to avoid a congested job site, confusion, and delays in construction.

During Construction

Throughout the construction phase of your project you can expect complete professionalism from our entire crew. As each piece is completed, our engineers will reassess the progress to ensure that everything is working out according to plan. Major concrete construction requires a depth of understanding that takes years to develop. Only our most dedicated and experienced engineers will be overseeing your project.

While taking every precaution to ensure the construction of your concrete structure goes smoothly, there could be unforeseen obstacles. For our team, handling such bumps in the road means doing what it takes to help keep your project on schedule and avoid costly delays.

The Benefits of Building With Concrete

While it may seem unfeasible to create a large structure from concrete, it is actually an extremely useful material for the construction of structures both big and small. When it comes to industrial applications it’s benefits are numerous, as it provides a building with unmatched strength for an inexpensive price.

Besides its low cost, concrete is also easily attainable. Those looking to construct industrial buildings prefer concrete for a number of reasons:

  • Concrete is resistant to fire. A fire that occurs within the confines of a concrete frame will spread considerably slower than a fire that takes place inside of a structure made with other materials.
  • Few people realize that concrete is entirely reusable making it a good choice for those who are conscious of the impact construction has on our environment.
  • Concrete is one of the most durable man made materials on the planet. A structure made from concrete can last hundreds of years without any maintenance.


With the right industrial construction team like Heartland Industrial Services, the intimidating process of building with concrete will seem easy. Our experience and skill in this area is unmatched by our competitors.

Call (314) 433-7103 to speak with Heartland Industrial Services about your concrete project.