Safety & Excellence Are Our Contractors' #1 Priority

At Heartland Industrial Services, nothing is more important than the safety of our team and project sites. With decades of experience in industrial projects and construction, there are several safety precautions that our teams implement daily to ensure excellent results and work conditions. To learn more about our dedication to safety and excellence, keep reading to view a few of our safety guarantees on all of our projects in the Midwest region.

High-Quality Safety Gear

Having high-quality, certified safety gear on every project is non-negotiable for our contractors. At Heartland Industrial Services, we take the safety of our team and your property seriously, making sure that anyone on your job site is wearing and using PPE, or personal protective equipment, every step of the way. From head and eye protection to earbuds, and safety harnesses, our contractors are expected to use the appropriate safety gear depending on the type of project and construction needs. Reach out to our project managers to learn more about what PPE our contractors will need and use on your upcoming project in the Midwest.

Safety Training

Safety training is provided to all of our current and future contracting staff at Heartland Industrial Services. During this training, our team learns how to perform quality safety procedures, learn the proper use of industrial equipment, and what to do in the event of an emergency on a variety of specific job sites. At the end of our initial safety training all staff will be educated and certified on the following safety measures:

Safety Meetings

To ensure safety on all projects, our project managers at Heartland Industrial Services hold mandatory safety meetings for our contractors and employees at every job site. During these meetings our managers will go over the appropriate PPE to wear at all times while equipment is in use, and how to prevent accidents and perform the expected safety measures that are upheld in the industry.

Safety Signage

Our safety training and expectations don’t stop once our contractors are on a job site. Heartland Industrial Services project managers provide the appropriate signage necessary at every one of our job sites to ensure our employees are following the protocols necessary to keep everyone safe. These signs remind our team to adhere to PPE standards and as a reminder for being cautious with equipment and conditions of the job site. Learn more about our safety signage for your Midwest job site.